Environmental Monitoring & Technical Support
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Measurement of velocity, flow, depth, and temperature in surface water.
Measurement of rainfall using a tipping bucket rain gauge.
Equipment to monitor airborne pollution.
Remote data collection; manual collection or automated data push.
Scientech is an independent technical service providing environmental monitoring, equipment supply and installation services. Our unique mix of skills enables clients to achieve success with their developments under, on and above the ground. PLEASE NOTE ALL SCIENTECH SERVICES ARE NOW PART OF ENVIRONMENTAL TEST SOLUTIONS, SEE CONTACT PAGE FOR ENQUIRIES.
By blending our skills in Science, Environment and Technology we endeavour to provide the most cost effective technological solution to your environmental monitoring need.
Nagrom Mineral Processing
“We find that your company is extremely friendly, professional and courteous. Good team work and effort by all parties. Excellent quality, service and turnaround. We would have no hesitation in recommending your team at Scientech.”


KASA Consulting releases new website, under construction.

KASA begins design and construction of new solar powered dust and aerosol monitoring stations for our hire fleet. Designed especially for dust management issues where instant notification is required. Contact Tyrone at KASA for details.

Scientech is merging and becoming part of KASA consulting from 8th Feb 2010

Scientech is no longer part of KASA Consulting and is now back to being independent under the business name Environmental Test Solutions from 6th March 2015 (www.environmentaltestsolutions.com.au)

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Stream Flow Monitoring

Flow data is an essential element of water resource planning, development and management. Conservation, enhancement and utilization projects such as surface water improvement and management (SWIM) planning, restoration, water supply planning and flood control operations are all dependent on flow data. Contact Scientech for your flow monitoring options.

Rain Gauge Installation

In addition to normal meteorological monitoring, rainfall data is used by our customers to help monitor seasonal water levels in a catchment before a planned subdivision and also to monitor the effect of water supply on a wetland ecosystem.

Air or Dust Monitoring

Dust and other air pollutants can arise from a range of natural and man-made sources causing various acute and chronic health effects, as well as nuisance and visibility impacts. Whether you want to monitor passively with a dust deposition gauge or actively with a TEOM or DustTrak system, Scientech can supply and install the equipment you need.

Remote Telemetry Installation

Due to the vast area in Australia, monitoring projects are often far away from local infrastructure. Scientech works in harmony with local suppliers to provide loggers, mobile phone or satellite communication to connect your equipment to your base of operations.